Thoughts to Consider When Expanding Your Goat Herd

Expandingthegoatherd (3)

This week we received an offer we could not refuse. We were given the opportunity to essentially triple our goat herd.  Over the last few months, our herd dwindled to just three via the trading acumen of The Beekeeper.  Leaving us with our buck, Pepillo, aka “The Goat Who Thinks He’s a Dog” and two sweet ladies, one […]


How to Handle Emergencies on the Homestead


Over the weekend, we had a bit of a scare.  We are very much into preparedness and handling our own emergencies but this weekend we faced a challenge that really put our emergency preparedness to the test. On an otherwise lazy Saturday afternoon, as our family sat down to have a quiet dinner a piece of artichoke […]



Spring on the Homestead

I am still trying to get over the fact that it’s already April. Mid April EVEN! Spring has sprung and our famous Florida Rain is getting started. We hope to get our garden done this weekend or at least the beginnings of it. Hubby and I have a laundry list of things we want to […]

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Homesteading, Homeschooling and Using ABCMouse.Com

Our son is way ahead of the curve in a lot of ways.  He knows how to read, he knows how to write, though he does it mostly on the walls. He very much enjoys anything to do with learning so, for Christmas, my husband and I agreed a membership to would be something we thought […]

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‘Survival Savvy Family: How to Be Your Best During the Absolute Worst,’ by Julie Sczerbinski

 A Book Review  When I received my copy of the ”Survival Savvy Family: How to Be Your Best During the Absolute Worst,’  the debut book by Coach Purse Carrying Prepper Julie Sczerbinski, I was quickly impressed by the clean structure and ease of use, quickly flipping from topic of interested to another. As I later sat back and […]

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What We Learned Our First Year

What We Learned from Our First Year on the Homestead

This week we are celebrating our first year at our little homestead and as we marvel how time flies we wanted to share some lessons are learning and how the little things we learned after six months on the homestead continue to change and evolve and how the drawbacks become less noticeable to us. I […]

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Farm Tax Checklist

Tax Prep Checklist for Farmers and Homesteaders

With only 29 days until tax day, as we prepare to sit down with our experienced Tax Professional, I am scurrying to get all my chickens in a row and all my papers in order.  I want to make sure every i is crossed and every t is dotted and that our experience is a quick and […]

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Why We Will Not Be Using Flow Hives in our Apiary

As the Flow Hive continues to break crowd funding records, exceeding $5.3M and counting, and as posts/shares continue to clutter our wall with questions on if we plan to use them, The Beekeeper and I decided to run through our thoughts and impressions and share them here with you. First things First This isn’t a slash […]

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‘Aftermath: A Story of Survival,’ by LeAnn Edmondson

   A Book Review  Many books have been written about TEOTWAWK, traversing genres from Dystopian to Cyberpunk, Utopian to Apocalyptic, 1984 to World War Z.  But while the topic is well trodden, I have always been left rather disappointed in the amount of detail offered to the mechanics of  preparedness, leaving me always wanting more. This is where ‘Aftermath: A Story of Survival,’ […]

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The Swarm Before The Storm

In the Spirit of kicking off Swarm Season, the period in the spring when bee hives tend to split into two and propagate, the Beekeeper got another call for a Bee Relocation yesterday afternoon from some near by friends. The a Spring Shower threaten Rain so he ran off  to catch the Swarm before the Storm, […]

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